I’d like to visit your farm, can I swing by?

46 North Farm is a working farm that is not open to the public. However, we do offer a number of events, classes, plant sales and workshops throughout the year and we’re happy to show off the farm then. Please check our events page to see what’s coming up next.

Where do I find your plant starts or produce?

You can find our plant starts seasonally at Astoria Co-op in downtown Astoria. Starts and produce are also occasionally available for purchase at the farm.

How do I join your CSA?

We are proud to operate a CSA that can be very flexible to your needs and interests, whether you want food, flowers, plants starts or a combination of them all. However, Our CSA is very small and often full. Please contact us for more information about joining the program.

I need flowers for a wedding or event. Can I buy them from you?

Absolutely! Flowers are one of our favorite things to grow and we grow a wide variety of species and colors. We are happy to provide buckets of flowers for arrangements at DIY weddings and can create arrangements ourselves for smaller events. Please contact us with details about your event for more information about what we might be able to provide.

How do I find out more about gardening and farming on the coast?

Glad you asked! Our farm blog is a good first stop. We’ve compiled a number of outside resources there as well as tips and tools of the trade we’ve learned along the way. We provide information there about how to grow the plants we sell as plant starts. You can also access a podcast version of Teresa’s informative and entertaining radio show about farming and gardening, In Season, here. She interviews a wide variety of growers, producers and ranchers who are doing amazing work on the coast.