Plant Starts - Tomato

Plant Starts - Tomato


Cherry Determinate:

Sweet Cherriette Early season, tiny plants (1’ tall), tasty red cherry toms. Great for containers.

Koralik Early season, 2.5’ tall, delicious red cherry toms, good in containers (5 gal size pots are best).

Cherry Indeterminate:

Black Cherry Mid season, burgundy color flavorful cherry tomatoes. Does well in this climate.

Dancing with Smurfs Mid-late season, deep dark purple with red interior. When the pale green underside of the fruit turns red, they are ripe. Great flavor, a new farm favorite.

Peacevine Cherry Mid-season, a de-hybridized version of the Sweet 100. Red fruits, great taste, resists cracking.

Sweetie Early season, red cherry, great flavor, resists cracking, a farm favorite.

Super Sweet 100 Early season classic red hybrid cherry tomato, reliable and productive, good flavor.

Sungold Early season, deep orange color, amazing flavor, famous for good reason!

Yellow Pear Early-mid season, yellow pear-shaped fruits, productive, great mild flavor (yellow tomatoes are lower in acid than red ones), does well in this area.

Determinate Reds:

Aurora Mid season, a farm favorite. Good sized red slicing tomatoes on a 3-4’ plant, reliably ripens outdoors for us, good fruit quality and great flavor.

Glacier Early season 4’ tall plants, red salad size fruits, great flavor, productive.

Santiam Early season 2-3’ tall stocky plants, 2-3” red fruits, productive and reliable in our region. Good flavor! Does well in a container.

Indeterminate Reds:

Matina Early season, German heirloom, productive red salad tomato, great flavor, beautiful fruit quality.

Stupice Extra early season Czech heirloom, very productive red salad tomato, good flavor, good fruit quality, a very reliable variety for out region. A farm favorite!

Principe Borghese Mid season small red plum type tomato, very productive, great for drying and making sauce.

Indeterminate Other Colors:

Green Zebra Mid season, light green with dark green stripes, yellow shoulders when ripe. Great flavor! Unusual in a salad.

Paul Robeson Mid-late season, Russian heirloom, large deep burgundy color, amazing flavor, needs a warm location or greenhouse to reliably ripen here.

Black Plum Mid season, highly productive deep reddish-brown plum shaped fruits, great flavor, wonderful for sauce.

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The varieties listed here are the ones we are definitely growing for plant starts. However, if you stop by the farm there are many others that we grow just for produce, or to trial, and we always have a few extra of those. If you are looking to mix up your tomato selection, let me know and I can hook you up with some cool varieties to try.

A brief Tomato Vocabulary Review:

Determinate tomatoes will grow to a certain height and then the plant will stop growing. This could be 1’ tall or 4’ tall. The plants will produce tomatoes over the season, but the plant size is finite. These plants still benefit from some support, such as a tomato cage.

Indeterminate tomatoes are vining types that will get as big as you let them. They will grow over 8’ tall, and really do need support - growing them up a trellis or fence is good. It’s also a good idea to pinch out suckers so that they don’t go completely wild jungle crazy.