Plant Starts - Marigolds 4 Pack

Plant Starts - Marigolds 4 Pack


Colorful, sturdy, and long-blooming, bees and other beneficial insects love these bright cheerful flowers. They are also sadly a favorite of slugs, so be sure to protect them until they get big enough to fight ‘em off.

Mr. Majestic - About 1.5’ tall and wide, lovely double flowers that are gold with maroon streaks.

Colossus - 1’ tall, bright gold and red double flower, extremely cheerful!

Burning Embers - 2.5’-3’ tall, small orange-red flowers with bright yellow center. Gorgeous.

Pinwheel - 3’ tall, bright yellow flowers with maroon stripes on petals. A lovely heirloom variety also known as Harlequin.

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